Maximist Pro TNT Spray Tanning Machine

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  • FREE 250ml Suntana Famous Five
  • FREE 250ml MaxiMist Gun Cleaner
  • Ultimate High performance “Quiet” Tanning System
  • powerful 570 watt 2 Stage Variable Speed Turbine motor
  • Includes 3 x spray heads
  • Allows all components to be stored on board with room to spare

In stock

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Maximist Pro TNT spray Tanning Machine

The Ultimate High Performance “Quiet” Tanning System from a Brand you can trust

The Maximist Pro TNT is the perfect unit for the mobile tech or salon/spa that demands performance and unsurpassed dependability along with ‘Quiet’ operation.

Maximist Pro TNT

Maximist Pro TNT – First time setup

The MaxiMist™ Pro TNT features the most advanced Spray Gun on the market. All the controls are on the Spray Gun itself. A variable speed control that allows you to dial in the exact air flow you need to apply any tanning solution flawlessly.Set at its lowest setting the unit will spray 99% of all tanning solutions with flawless precision while running extremely quiet and cooler than any other unit on the market in its class! Need more power, just crank it up and still enjoy a whisper quiet operation