MaxiMist Extractor Fan – The best selling extractor made in the UK.
Used in Demonstration – still supplied with 1 year warranty
Reduce Over spray, Cleaner air from a new generation of spray tan extractor fans.
This is a powerful unit designed to remove over spray with an airflow of 750m3/hr. The unit is small, lightweight and ideal for mobile therapists with popup cubicles or salons wishing to clear over spray in small tanning rooms. Best of all, the filter is washable meaning no unnecessary maintenance costs.
Perfect for the mobile operator using a pop-up booth, just place it outside the booth at the rear and make sure that the grill is the only part facing inside the booth. It has a dual density polyester filter that can be washed out over and over again.

Technicians should always use up to date tanning machines like the MaxiMist, with correct product atomization levels, which will help to reduce airborne solution.

All clients should be provided with protective items, such as nasal filters, disposable under garments.

Technicians should always use nasal filters or face masks and most important of all, ensure there is adequate ventilation or extraction. If you blow your nose at day’s end, and see evidence of tan solution in your tissue, then your room is not well ventilated. Having a proper Spray Tan extractor will help.

  • over 760 cubic metres per hour filtered.
  • 100 watt motor, 220 volts.
  • weight packed 8Kgs
  • size 306 x 306 x 120mm excluding handle.
  • powder coated for a long life.
  • The motor has an “expected” life of over 40,000 hours, that is 8 hours a day, 5 days a week for 20 years!!
When looking for an extractor make sure that the air flow figures are stated, and refer to air  through the filter. A lot of machines are being sold with the ‘free air flow’ figures, in other words no filter on the machine, all types of fans are affected by placing a filter in front of it. We use a backward curved fan that has the torque to minimise the losses. The worst type of fan is the normal “Fan” usually 3 to 6 blades like a propeller, the loss on these can be up to 50%.
** For a limited time only **
Each Maximist extractor comes with a FREE spare filter worth £15.99
*Filter colour may vary from image shown