Tanning Essentials Maintenance Videos


Tanning Essentials Maintenance Videos This video will explain how to set up, maintain and troubleshoot your Pro V Spray [...]

Tanning Essentials Maintenance Videos2016-10-18T12:19:58+01:00

Top 10 Tanning Mousse Application Tips


Top 10 Tanning Mousse Application Tips How to have a salon quality tan at home. Amazing [...]

Top 10 Tanning Mousse Application Tips2017-04-12T15:01:47+01:00

Tent folding instructions


Spray Tan Tent Folding How to correctly fold your spray tan tent. Ever wondered what the [...]

Tent folding instructions2017-07-11T14:31:24+01:00

Spray Tanning Tutorial Video


Preparation Clients should exfoliate before spray tanning. Recommend shaving their legs before they arrive as [...]

Spray Tanning Tutorial Video2016-10-18T12:20:01+01:00

Maximist Maintenance Videos


Maximist Pro Gun Maintenance Maxi Mist Helia 2.0 Gun Maintenance Video [...]

Maximist Maintenance Videos2017-07-11T14:56:57+01:00

Frequently Asked Questions


What is DHA? Dihydroxyacetone (DHA) is the main active ingredient in all sunless tanning preparations. It has no known toxicity [...]

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